Atelier with permanent Exhibition

I´ve always had the dream to follow a way that connects architecture, painting, plastic art, poetry and possibly in future music too. It´s not only the lake or the water-lilies, the landscape and architecture that touches me while I´m painting, but also the thoughts and dreams which sometimes are becoming poems and music. It is the life circle of gowing and passing away I am interested in, but also love and the parallels of nature and human being. With the presentation of the book "The love tree"- painting and poetry-  at the "Vernissage" on the 8 th of June 2019 in the studiohouse designed by myself I come nearer to this dream.

Art is the sound of the soul. The language of painting in context to poetry invites for dreaming. A trip through my divers arts.

Buchtitel: »Der Liebesbaum«
"The love tree"- painting and poetry-
Editor an author: Kerstin Beyer-Hosmann
Print: Klatschmohn Verlag, Druck und Werbung GmbH & Co. KG
Edition 2019, ISBN: 978-941064-79-9