Picture Cycle "The Enchanted Garden" – 9 Acrylic Paintings each 120 x 180 cm / 90 x 180 cm

Art and Nature
1 Girl´s Hair
2 Ascension to Heaven
3 Bug Hotel
4 Wind

The Lake
1 Midday Sun
2 Colza Field
3 Before the Storm

Water Lilies
1 Water Lilies I
2 Water Lilies II
3 Water Lilies III

Garden Views
1 Window to the Lake
2 Lake View
3 Wooden Path

Flowers and Gates
1 Gate to Wooden Path
2 Gate with Wisteria
3 Chestnut blossoms
4 Acacias

The Love Tree
1 Springtime
2 Beneath Roses
3 Fruits of Love

Garden Life
1 Kingfisher
2 Grey Heron
3 Abandoned Bird Town

Tree Spirits
1 Tree Spirits I
2 Tree Spirits II
3 Tree Spirits III

Death - Growing and Passing Away
1 Reflection in the Ice
2 Frozen
3 Death and Snake
4 Death

It is enchanted, hidden and mysterious. Pictures, offering poetry and originality. A trip to "Growing and Passing Away‟. The pure nature of the garden in its seasonal richness and the creation of the book "R´s Enchanted Garden‟ have been the inspiration to this picture cycle created in 2012/2013.



Bildband Der verwunschene Garten des R
Illustrated Book
R´s Enchanted Garden
Author and Editor: Kerstin Beyer
180 pages
Hinstorff Verlag 2012
ISBN: 978-3-356-01580-5