The Dancer, Acryl 100 x 150 cm, 2014

Der Tänzer
Excerpt of the Narrative:
„...Every single week, on a given day, to a very certain evening time a spotlight was turned on in the second floor of an old Art Nouveau apartment. Only to show a naked man, oiled and muscular, dancing behind a huge and slightly opened window. With his whitely blazing and broadly laughing harlequin -mask he moved smoothly to the sounds of Ravel´s Bolero and repeatedly appeared and disappeared in the shadows of the half-light.

This weekly and bizarre happening always went on up to that moment, when the last melodies of the Bolero faded away and the light went out abruptly...‟

The book "The Storyteller" tells us stories about big misery people had to bear. Warmth, kindness and love make us human. Nothing in life is for sure. There is always a truth behind the truth. The Narrative „The Dancer‟ out of the book „The Storyteller‟ served as a basis for this picture and inspired me during the process.

Der Erzähler
The Storyteller
R.- Narratives, Stories and Drawings
Author: R.
Editor: Kerstin Beyer
75 pages
Hardcover & CD (Extract by the Author)
Hinstorff Verlag 2013
ISBN: 978-3-356-01811-0