Atelier in the "Enchanted Garden"

Excerpts from the Picture Cycle
"Enchanted Garden"

Round about the Atelier in the "Enchanted Garden"  - a short trip
Tower figure The Love Tree (Acrylic) Lake, Midday Sun (Acrylic)
Variant Water Lillies I (Acrylic)

Kerstin Beyer-Hosmann

Born 1961

Studied at the art college Berlin-Weißensee
Paintress and diploma architect

Until December 2010
free-lancing in office community „Architekturbüro Albert und Beyer‟

Since 2011
Continuing painting work

Water Lillies (Acrylic)
Summer Lake Summer Lake Mr. Frog and Mrs. Snake (Acrylic) Poppy Field (Acrylic)

For visiting the private garden and/or the atelier please use the contact information written below.

The residential atelier "Enchanted Garden" designed by Kerstin Beyer herself is located in- between a beautiful waterscape, surrounded by water lilies and ancient trees. The copper roof with the figure "Letting Dreams Fly" by A. Gennarelli (replica) on its spire, the bronze-relief of a dreaming girl on the front door of the atelier as well as the many other figures and details in- and outside the building set the scene for her paintings and give an inside view of the meaning and the soul of this temple of the arts. For Kerstin Beyer a time has come where in painting trees, water lilies and animals should be allowed to be what they are - creatures of nature.

She calls her style "New romantic Realism".
Together with her husband, who has placed many maverick sculptures and figures all over the 20.000 m² garden, she has not only a place for art, but also a place for peace and love.